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I sing the Body electric
March 29th, 2007 
10:19 pm - Squash #1
Gouania lupuloides
Played squash today with Akin for an hour and a half--lost 2 games; will make my comeback next week.

I guess that just doesn't cut it as a journal update; the readability factor is at least minus a gazillion. So what can I type of more general interest? Well...

I'm taking a quantum mechanics class this term and the default textbook at my school, as at many schools, is written by Atkins. It's a terrible introductory text; it makes these tremendous leaps of logic and offers very poor justifications for the claims it makes. This is impossible to rationalise, if we're asked to spend over a hundred dollars on the text book it really should be useful. For example, we should at least be able to use it to teach ourselves the course material.

At any rate, the Atkins text fails miserably to make itself understandable, so on Sunday, when darling D and I were working our way through the class assignment, we decided to buy copies of a really much more excellent textbook called "Physical Chemistry, A Molecular Approach" by Donald A. McQuarrie and John D. Simon. We ordered two copies over ebay; they arrived Tuesday; and since then I've been carrying this sweet text around with me everywhere reading a few easily digestible pages at a time.

The rather funny aspect of this all is that my text was printed in India on cheap, thin paper, and it's only a fraction of the cost of the Atkins text.

[So this wasn't really of general interest, I suppose. Quelle tragedie.]

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This journal is BOOOORING.

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